The Sakura Festival

The Sakura Festival took place on Saturday, April 6, in the Takaoka section of Fuji City. It was a warm and bright spring day, and the festival was crowded with many people enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Since Takaoka is an area of Fuji City that produces a lot of tea, several tea shops collaborated to sell their products at the festival. Also, two of the winners of the recent Fuji Tea Girls Contest, Ms. Sugiki and Ms. Mochizuki, were on hand to make tea for visitors. At first, they seemed rather nervous and awkward, but as more and more people tried their tea, they smiled and enjoyed lively interactions with the customers. The Tea Girls participate in activities like this, and the tea that was on hand sold out in only an hour and a half. Having finished their first job, the two women expressed their satisfaction, saying, “It was nice to have a lot of people say that they liked the tea.”