Temomicha, the best green tea is first-rate handmade with a needle-like shape.
It is the best green tea, with a beautiful green colour and rich aroma.

Tenka Fuji products

More than a hundred years later, the tea called “Tenka Ippin” has been put in the spotlight once again.The shape is delicate and beautiful like a cat’s whisker. The flavour is more pleasant than other teas.

The processing method for Tenka Ippin tea was developed by Nomura Ichiro from Fuji city during the Meiji Era (1832-79). When it was first shipped in 1876, the brand earned praise from British and Chinese tea dealers; so much so that they presented him with a tablet with “The manufacturer for Tenka Ippin” inscribed in calligraphy.

The high-end brand, however, eventually disappeared around 1879 after an increasing amount of poorer-quality leaves under the name were placed on the market.

Shizuoka tea hand kneading preservation group examined documents to revive the processing method, with the aim to promote the tea brand as a valuable product, along with the story behind its development.

They succeeded to revive the processing method which took eight years.

The revived product was registered as Tenka Fuji with the trademark Temomicha, the best green tea that is first-rate handmade with a needle-like shape. Tenka Fuji is one of the top green teas.

“Aji Keshiki”: This tea has a refined flavour reflective of the natural beauty of the landscape around Mt. Fuji where it was created.

Fuji City is located at the base of Mt. Fuji, known around the world as a symbol of the beauty of Japan, is one of most famous areas for the production of green tea.
As a result, Fuji city has an ideal climate for growing green tea plants and the fresh melted water from Mount Fuji helps to grow great tasting tea leaves.
When the process is completed, the leaves resemble long and sharp needles, unlike regular green tea products.

It has a refreshing flavor, with a delightful aroma which spreads throughout your palette from your mouth to your nose.
It’s a first-rate tea with a delicate taste and aroma.